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An ISO 9001 : 2015 certified manufacturer.

We are a team of passionate innovators trying to make life easier and safer for people across the nation. Infracooka started with that idea in mind, under the umbrella of Smithcucina Group.

Most households are still unaware of the hazards which LPG leakage poses. Fire-related kitchen accidents in India claim thousands of deaths every single year. So, we came up with a simple yet revolutionary idea to put an end to such tragic accidents once and for all!

All we need for cooking is a source of heat: everyone, from ancient cavemen to modern-age people like us, has had this knowledge. But the source we use to produce heat hasn't changed much over time, has it? Cavemen used to make fire from wood, then came producing heat from coal, and finally, the LPG stoves households use today. What do they all have in common? Raw, open fire. Hate to break it to you, but this method we have institutionalized, IS EXTREMELY UNSAFE & HAZARDOUS.

When we came up with Infracooka, we truly wanted to make it "Desh Ka Chulha". Fireless and 100% safe, Infracooka evades all kinds of fire as well as radiation hazards.

We succeeded to reach 25,00,000 + family and created a sales channel of 1000 + retailer in pan India.

From concept to design developed in India and is manufactured in India at Jharkhand Unit - 1 & Chennai Unit -2.


@ smithcucina & Infracooka is a registered trademark of smith innovative appliances Pvt ltd.

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