Facts of electric cooking
common misunderstanding clarification.

The convenience of electric cooking has led to its adoption as the preferred cooking energy in virtually all the developed economies of the world.

More than two-thirds of rural India use solid biomass for cooking with its attendant harmful effects on health In parallel, the country aims to achieve universal electrification by 2022. Theoretically, electric cooktops are being adopted very fast, so universal electrification could translate into universal clean cooking as well! 

This electric energy is emission-free at the point of consumption and therefore alleviates the problem of black carbon that fills a large number of Indian homes today. Additionally, there is no problem of availability of power, it is broadly cost-effective, does not have an LPG Gas delivery & import-dependence dimension, and is already likely to be delivered to everybody.

If we talk about LPG cooking as per the study of NITI Aayog, the consumption of 8 to 10 LPG cylinders (14.2 Kg each) per year is equivalent to 4Kwh (4 units) of electricity per day. This is equal to the cost of LPG if the price is < 600 per cylinder, if prices increase the cost of electric cooking will be less.

Hence electric-based cooking has become a serious consideration and most practical to the population worldwide.

Households in both rural & urban areas already habituated to use electricity for cooking which was started with Open coil heaters and after that Induction cooktop, but both the technology could not replace the biomass/wood/kerosene/LPG cooking.

In all parts of India, we need fire as direct heat  to cook hence cooktop will all in one innovation in sort of frying boiling & grilling, has  become a breakthrough with evidence of 2500000+ household user in India 

Thanks to DHC technology that works the way of heat charging to emit fire to cook as desired.

It is made of an electrical Charging heating ribbon that charges nano-ceramic earth minerals plates capable of storing heat and emit as per heating needs to cook a variety of cuisine. 

It is controlled precisely through an intelligent interface programmable PCB to maintain exact temperature and consume electricity proportionally to output heat.

This way it becomes a highly energy-efficient heat/fire generator innovated yet. 

Comparison of cooking sources
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