Imagine the way of cooking , Inside to outside . Let us explore – All kinds of cooking techniques cooks food by boiling/frying/roasting/toasting/grilling. Apart from boiling & frying, utensils do not play a significant role in the process of heating, but in rest of the process like roasting/toasting/grilling we can see a huge difference in the outer skin of the items being cooked. In the normal traditional cooking like wood fire, stove or Gas oven, the entire cooking happens from outside to Inside that emits lots of carbon on the outer layer till heat goes inside for proper cooking. Isn’t it true!


Here is the difference in INFRACOOKA . It simply cooks from Inside to outside which is the perfect & delicious way of cooking.

All in One

No need of any other cooking appliances and no worry whatever in your recipe.

Sudden power failure

No reason to worry as the heat saved in the machine helps you finish the cooking even when there is loss of power.


what you save is lot of time which makes you free from your kitchen life.


Change in your life.