Multipurpose Cooking

Now, Cook your delicious dishes like Paneer Tikka, Kebab, Litti Chokha, Grilled & BBQ food etc at home,as well as all your traditional dishes like Roti, Chawal,Subzi, Bhujiya, Kheer etc, the way you were cooking as usual for your better health & environment.

Use all kinds of Utensils

No need of special utensil. use common flat-bottomed utensils like aluminium, copper,steel,brass,ceramic even earthenware etc.

Electricity Bill less than Gas cooking

Most of the cooking consumes 1 unit of electricity per hour by useing most of time from 300 to 1000 W power and some time on high up to 2000 W power , on and average , if cooked daily 2 hours, approx monthly cost Rs. 300/-*(Rs.5/- per unit)

Heat storage advantage

No Worry if power cut. it stores heat for 20-30 minute. to complete cooking without electricity, Timer can be set to 50% of cooking time to save on the electricity bill.

Penetrating heat

It offers a Direct Heat Penetrating Technology, This unique advantage cooks your food from Inside to Outside, Which result in consistent delicious & healthy food.

100 % induction free

No magnetic radiation, hence, maintain nutritional balance of food as well as safe cooking.

Carbon free cooking

Go Green & Save your environment and health.

Kills Bacteria

Preserve the freshness & natural taste of food, making it more hygienic.