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  • Time was when cooking implied the use of charcoal fires, and later, gas cylinders. There was no question of cooking procedure, simply because there was only one. In the 21st Century, however, there are many cooking methods, with infrared cooking being perhaps the latest and the least understood of them all. Perhaps the best representatives of infrared cooking today are infrared cookers, and these cookers are often marketed using complex terminology that obscures more than it elucidates. Add to them the recurrent fears of “infrared radiation”, and you have the perfect combination for confusing and scaring away homemakers who

  • Cooking by infrared heat energy is the future of cooking, it’s a innovative breakthrough technology called Infracooka Future Of Cooking . Infrared heat energy is the most cost effective heating system converts electrical energy into heat energy. The sun is our natural principle source of infrared heat energy that warms up our world and we enjoy daily, which balances our environment and keeps us healthy.

  • The Smithcucina Electric Cooktop brings convenience, style, function, and high-end design to your kitchen to make your life a little easier. Imagine an elegant glass cooktop that cooks foods quickly and evenly with two radiant cooking elements. That allows you to cook with pots of different type under a quick and powerful burner. Boil those […]

  • Change is tough but we love to make changes for your better experience and we are here with some new things you can do on your smithcucina.com 1.Buying Guides We are here to guide you before you spend your money. 2.Compare Products Compare your wish list product with other brands. 3.Thousands of Daily Verified User […]

  • Ever heard the phrase ‘the best things come in small packages’? It turns out this can be true for kitchens too. The great thing about compact kitchens is that you don’t have to move too far, brilliant when cooking complicated dishes that require precision and time accuracy. After all, an efficient kitchen is designed for […]

  • Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, or just looking to replace old cooking appliances, you’ve surely heard the pros and cons of both gas and electric cooktops. Gas is very responsive and precise, but electric has a smooth look and is easy to clean. So, which one is better? What if we told you there was […]

  • The most recognizable home appliance is probably a cook top as there can be no Indian kitchen without a cook top. You spend hours together cooking at it, so it’s important that your cook top ensures quality cooking and paramount safety. An efficient cook top will reduce cooking time while making it more enjoyable and […]

  • Here we define why you should bring home smithcucina.That is the reasons: 1.Cooking Time Flame intensity is quite low compared to other cooktops hot the plate in same tempreture in total surface area. This results in decreased cooking time. 2.Fuel Efficiency Means if time duration is low then fuel efficiency low. 3.Ease of Cleaning Cook-tops […]

  • Infracook vs. Gas Cooktops Our cooktop are so comfortable and cooking are very easy then gas cooktop there is difference: Features Infracook Cooktops Gas Cooktops Control The infracook cooktop is controlled by digital touch buttons and also control by knobs. The gas cooktop is controlled manually through knobs. Safety Infracook cooktops are much safer as […]

  • When infracooka cooking first hit the scene, infracooka was considered a high-end appliance feature. Now, with more models hitting the market, it’s within reach for just about anyone interested in making the switch to infracooka . In case you want to give infracooka cooking a try without installing a full cooktop, portable, one-burner infracooka appliances. […]

  • Imagine the way of cooking , it has fire but no smoke , revolution in the world of cooking enable same cooking as being done as traditional but totally smart and many add on advantages like grilling and heat backup. The engineering in its manufacturing is of top level gives lifetime durability. Patented technology – […]