Not Just An Ordinary Induction



When we came up with Infracooka, we truly wanted to make it

- DESH KA CHULHA,  Flameless & 100% safe,

Infracooka evades fires & radiation hazards for complete safety!

Your beloved Infracooka is an electrically powered flameless stove that provides a heat source perfect for everyday cooking, based on the principle of direct heat burner charging. 
It stores heat energy and allows you to regulate the temperature at which you want to emit it.

Easy to carry

Easy to carry anywhere.

Easy to operate 

Easy to operate by knob or touch button.

Easy to clean

Easy to clean daily and periodic.


Waterproof heat resistant glass - does not crack even if it face ice cubes.

Heat storage

Up-to 30 Minutes


All stainless steel

Even a small screw ensure no rust lifetime.


Full utility 

Utilize up-to your imazination.


Why Infracooka should replace your gas cooking?

We have all the basics covered and some more! Safety combined with convenience was what we had in mind while designing  Infracooka .

Zero dependency

on LPG gas cylinder help in monthly budget and evade accidents by leakage and mishandling.

Use of All utensils

Can you place a clay pot on your stove?  INFRACOOKA'S  heats up ANY vessel, from conventional aluminum, steel, brass, copper, borosil glass utensils to earthen pots!  

Heat Storage

Finish your cooking even after a power cut, with  INFRACOOKA'S  unique heat-storing technology!  Storage of up to 3o minutes, also, helps in energy saving by setting the timer.

Inside to outside grill

Host a grill-and-roast barbecue at home with direct exposure cooking with a controlled fire.

enjoy indoor & outdoor bbq anytime. first, it cooks inside that's unique and not available with other heating sources.

Lowest cooking cost

Electricity consumption, DHC direct heat charging inverter technology ensures the very lowest use of power.

Sterilize Cooking

Its heat having penetrating nature that's able to kill any fungus, bacteria, viruses retain 100% flavor as fresh.


Size :    Length : 36 CM  X Width : 29 CM X Height : 6 CM  
Weight :    3.5 Kgs 
Electrical Rating :  
Ampere :   Min 0.5  Max 8.0 Amp   
Watts :    Min 100 W Max 2000 W  
Volts :    Min 180 V Max 260 V  
Plug :    15 Amp Indian
Temperature Limit :
Min 90 Deg C - Max 550 Deg C
Heat Charging Time  -  7 to 10 Minute
Electricity Consumption :
Starting during Charge - 100 %  4 Amp/ 1000 W , 8 Amp/2000 W
After Charge - 25 % to 60 %  ( 0.5 to 2.5 Amp/1000 W , 2 to 5 Amp/2000 W)
Average Consumption - 1/2 Unit/1000 W , 1 Unit/2000 W
Heat Color Visibility :
During Charge - Cherry Red ( 800 - 900 Degree C)

After Charge - Dark Black red ( 500 - 600 Degree C)

Design features

Body :  Stainless  Steel  
Fitting  parts :  Stainless Steel , Aluminum   
Glass :  Specially developed Black Ceramic  
Burner :  DHC (Direct heat charging)  

Control :  Programmable PID Inverter technology

DEMO - Operating



DEMO - Utensil


DEMO - Chapati


We love our product and are so so happy to see you showing us the same love. Infracooka is the product of our innovation and hard work, so you get to reap the rewards! We ensure 20 years of hassle-free cooking experience with InfracookaT&C.

Infracooka  also comes with a 2 year warranty period for every component  except for the glass top, which (on the very very unlikely occasion that it's damaged) can be replaced for just Rs.900!

Every other city and village in India is using  Infracooka ; that's the reason we call it Desh Ka Chulha. Join us on our journey towards a safer, greener, more efficient cooking experience and start living a hassle-free life.

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