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A Safer, Efficient, and Versatile Way to Cook.

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Change the way you Cook, Forever.

COOKA, The catalyst for a culinary transformation. Experience the future of eCooking: a safe, smokeless, and cost-effective method that redefines your kitchen's potential.  

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Infracooka Smart Electric FireπŸ”₯Cooktop , the pioneer of safe and efficient eCooking, reimagines your kitchen. With over 2 million satisfied users, this revolutionary Cooktop sets the standard for cost-effective, smokeless, and versatile cooking. 

Join the Infracooka family and elevate your culinary journey today!

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Empowering India with Safe and Smokeless eCooking Solutions

Honored by Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan at ONGC, We Pave the Way for Electric-Based Cooking Across Urban & Rural India.

The Great Culinary Challenge:  Innovation in the Heart of Indian Kitchens.

A Taste of Tradition, A Dash of Innovation: Unleashing the Power of Cooka in the Hands of Culinary Creators

CESC's Electrifying Mission: Sparking a eCooking Revolution.

Empowering Kolkata with Safe, Sustainable, and Flavorful Electric-Based Cooking Solutions.