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About Smith Innovative Appliances Pvt Ltd

At Smith Innovative Appliances Pvt Ltd, our journey is guided by a simple yet powerful vision: to innovate and redefine the way people experience cooking in their homes. Our brands, Smithcucina, Infracooka, and Cooka, embody our unwavering commitment to this mission.

Our Vision

Innovation and safety lie at the heart of everything we do. We envisioned a kitchen where the joy of cooking is coupled with the assurance of safety. For us, it's about more than just creating products; it's about pioneering a culinary revolution that makes homes safer and life more convenient.

Smithcucina: Where Culinary Innovation Begins

Under the umbrella of Smith Innovative Pvt Ltd, Smithcucina stands as our flagship brand. It represents the very essence of culinary innovation. We believe that the kitchen is the heart of every home, and it should be a space that inspires creativity, facilitates convenience, and, above all, ensures safety.

Infracooka: The Future of Safe Cooking

In our pursuit of kitchen safety, we introduced Infracooka. This revolutionary product eliminates the risks associated with traditional open-flame cooking. Infracooka is more than a brand; it's a promise of flameless and 100% safe cooking. Our aim is to make every kitchen in India, "Desh Ka Chulha," free from smoke and (induction)radiation hazards.

Cooka: Redefining Culinary Excellence

Cooka, another jewel in our product portfolio, is designed to elevate the culinary experience. It's not just about cooking; it's about creating masterpieces in the kitchen. With Cooka, we empower chefs, aspiring and seasoned alike, to explore their culinary prowess and create exceptional dishes.

Our Impact

Our journey has been marked by remarkable achievements. We've reached over 25,00,000 families, transforming their kitchens into safer havens. Additionally, our network of 1000+ retailers across India ensures that our innovative products are readily available to households nationwide.

Join Us in Redefining Cooking

As we continue our mission to innovate, we invite you to join us in redefining the way cooking is experienced in Indian households. Together, we can create safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable culinary journeys.

Welcome to Smith Innovative Appliances Pvt Ltd, where innovation meets passion, and the kitchen becomes a place of culinary excellence and safety.

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