Evolution of Excellence: Infracooka eCooking - The Next Chapter

"Coming Soon: The Iconic Infracooka Returns with Enhanced Features and Unmatched Performance"

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2 Million+ Homes Transformed: Infracooka's Remarkable Journey to the Top of Indian Kitchens

"Our journey to revolutionize cooking in India began with Infracooka, our inaugural product that rewrote the rules of culinary safety and efficiency. We're immensely proud to share that Infracooka quickly captured the hearts and kitchens of millions across India. With over 2 million units sold, it soared to become the undisputed leader in the cooking appliance segment.

Infracooka's success wasn't just about numbers; it represented a significant shift in how India embraced safer and more sustainable eCooking practices. Families across the nation experienced firsthand the convenience, safety, and efficiency that Infracooka brought to their daily lives.

Today, as we embark on the next phase of our journey with Cooka, we carry with us the legacy of Infracooka's accomplishments. It's a testament to our commitment to excellence and our unwavering dedication to providing innovative solutions that truly make a difference in the lives of our customers.

Join us in celebrating our past achievements and in shaping an even brighter future for cooking in India with Cooka."

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Rediscover Culinary Magic: The Infracooka Revival for Effortless Cooking Bliss.

Get ready for the next level of culinary excellence with the highly anticipated return of Infracooka. After captivating 2 million+ kitchens across the nation, Infracooka is back and better than ever, poised to redefine your cooking experience.

😀 Zero dependency - on LPG gas cylinder help in the monthly budget and evade accidents by leakage and mishandling.

😀 Use of All utensils - Can you place a clay pot on your stove?  Infracooka heats up ANY vessel, from conventional aluminum, steel, brass, copper, and Borosil glass utensils to earthen pots!  

😀 Inside to outside grill - Host a grill-and-roast barbecue at home with direct exposure cooking with a controlled fire., enjoy indoor & outdoor BBQ anytime. first, it cooks inside that's unique and is not available with other heating sources.

😀 Heat Storage - unique heat-storing technology!  Storage of up to 3o minutes, also, helps in energy saving by setting the timer.

😀 Sterilize Cooking - Its heat has a penetrating nature that's able to kill any fungus, bacteria, and viruses and retain 100% flavor as fresh.

😀 Lowest cooking cost - Electricity consumption, DHC direct heat charging inverter technology ensures the very lowest use of power.

🌟 Legendary Legacy: Infracooka's legacy of excellence continues as we unveil a new generation of this iconic appliance. Trusted by millions and loved for its unparalleled performance, the upgraded Infracooka promises even more.

🍳 Enhanced Features: We've taken your feedback to heart and incorporated advanced features that will elevate your cooking to new heights. Experience improved functionality, greater precision, and enhanced user-friendliness.

🏆 Proven Satisfaction: With over 2 million units sold and 100% satisfaction from our customers, Infracooka has earned its place as the preferred choice in kitchens across India.

📅 Coming Soon: Stay tuned for the grand return of Infracooka, scheduled for release next year. Be among the first to rediscover the joy of cooking with the all-new Infracooka.

Join us in celebrating the evolution of excellence as we prepare to unveil the future of cooking. Watch this space for updates, and get ready to welcome the next chapter of Infracooka into your kitchen!

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Infracooka, where innovation meets tradition to bring you the best in culinary technology.